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The answer from a new member that is in Canada and most likely a worker at the plant.

Originally Posted by camkid54 View Post
Gentlemen As far as the brake weights go I heard from a fellow in the GM plant, the brakes were squeeling and by weighting the calipers the squeel went away Brembo has, since then sent a new batch of calipers to correct this problem Hope this helps

If this is the case that some of the vehicles were given this quick fix and the cars shipped while Brembo fixed an issue and is now sending corrected Brembos...Then my opinion is that all of those people who received these brakes with weights on them should have them replaced with "brand new" fixed ones... Especially if it is confirmed to be a problem that has been fixed or is being fixed by Brembo.

No need to bitch and moan in this thread. This is the first minor problem/fix with the new Camaro's being shipped and it is not the end of the world.. Should it have been shipped like that? I personally wouldn't have if Brembo was able to ship a replacement part quickly enough and it seems they already have started shipping fixed ones since some of you don't have this problem.. At the very least GM should have informed the dealers of this problem so that they can inform the customer who just paid full price for a new Camaro.. Furthermore GM should have informed the dealer to inform the customer that Brembo would be sending the fixed ones to the dealer and that they decided to send the car sooner without delay since it was a minor problem.. If GM had taken these steps, nobody would be complaining and there would be no mystery and uproar in the forums..
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