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Originally Posted by Ltdodge View Post
on my srt charger, we had the same problem of brakes squeeling and rotors warping...the outcome was that the brakes did not get up to temperature (since these brakes are high performance) causing the squeeling and warping of the rotors. there was a TSP to fix that and all rotors were replaced with slotted ones.

one thing though these brembo pads will be dust monsters!!!! you will be cleaning your wheels every two days.
i went with ceramic pads that elimated most of the squeeling and dust, but sacrificed stopping distance.... if you track your car, you would want to put the original pads back on since they are much better.

changing out the pads are a piece of cake.....remove the two studs and pads fall out.....(if they are the same brembo brakes as the srt, which they look similar)
Not so far. Mrs. Number 3s car as well as Fbodfathers cars both great as was the Black 2SS I had home this weekend. Wheels are not getting dirty as you suggest. Look at all the photos I've posted. Not saying if you won't during a track day, but normal driving for a total of 12,000 miles on the 3 cars has not really shown any brake dust on the wheels.
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