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Originally Posted by munkee drummer View Post
Gas cap gas cap gas cap gas cap gas cap gas cap!!!!!!! Take a damn picture of the gas cap for crying out loud!! Ok point made... If anyone else sees one of these guys you now know what to do!!!!!!!!
It almost seems like a conspiracy to keep us from knowing the location of the gas cap... So many "unauthorized" pictures of the Camaro have been taken, yet they all conveniently omit the gas cap.

Ok, I know you only have a limited time to take pictures, and I know they only pic so many of them to post up on various websites. With a cell phone, it can be a slow and tedious process to get decent pictures.

However, these people who are taking the pictures are obviously looking at the car with their eyes as well, right? I mean, they're not walking around with their eyes closed and just looking at the pictures later. They see a lot more than we do.

Yes, it would be nice to have a picture of the gas cap that we could all debate whether or not it would change before the production model, but I for one would settle for someone who has seen the prototypes in person to just tell us where the gas cap was.

Camero has told us many times that it's on the passenger's side, and he's offered pictures of what the design looks like on other cars, but, though I do believe he is who he says he is, I won't be convinced until someone I know has seen it first hand tells me where it is and what it looks like.
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