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Originally Posted by balonywolf View Post
I don't mean to be mocking anyone or sound condescending, but what's the fascination with the production gas cap? It's well known to be a nondescript, white circle on the passenger side rear quarter. What the hell is the deal with seeing it? Go look at any car parked outside with a passenger side filler...

EDIT: I'm really not judging, just frustrated that I don't understand the mentality.
We all were so enamored with the Concept's gas cap design that we're in denial about the production version. We refuse to believe that the Camaros we will be driving will have anything but the Concept's gas cap. Therefore, no amount of suggestion can convince us until we A) See it with our own eyes, or B) Hear it from someone that we know has correct information (i.e. Scott, Bob, Ed, John, or someone who's taken pictures of a prototype).
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