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Originally Posted by Pencil.Fight View Post
We all were so enamored with the Concept's gas cap design that we're in denial about the production version. We refuse to believe that the Camaros we will be driving will have anything but the Concept's gas cap. Therefore, no amount of suggestion can convince us until we A) See it with our own eyes, or B) Hear it from someone that we know has correct information (i.e. Scott, Bob, Ed, John, or someone who's taken pictures of a prototype).
Great pictures and welcome to the Forum...

and for all those so worried about the gas cap location, I have some insider is going to be under a little flap next to the hood, like the Family Truxter in National Lampoon's "Vacation"

Seriously, It's only a Gas cap.. Not like it's the most important part of the car. besides, the location that is on top of the fender is very bad, especially if this car will be a flex fuel car, any spillage onto the paint will not be good. Ethanol is detrimental to paint.
Now everyone slowly count to 10 and repeat, "It's only a gas cap...It's only a gas cap... It's only a gas cap"
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