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Originally Posted by SSmoked View Post
... did anyone else notice that the top camaro has a different set of headlights than that of which the "front camaro pic" one. the headlights on this one seem to be more like the concept
Originally Posted by munkee drummer View Post
Heyyyy those do look like halo headlights!!! Good eye for spotting them!
Nah, those are the same ones as on the official pictures.

Originally Posted by camaro10 View Post
I swear Camero, Sometimes I feel like you get your jollies from deflating us with some of your posts.
Well maybe a little, but since I can't tell you about the SUPER cool stuff that you don't know about, I can at least tell you when you're getting all excited about nothing! (Or maybe I'm just helping GM hide the coolest filler door EVER from you!)
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