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The Day Has Finally Arrived - Pictures of my brand new Camaro!! :)

First off, I'm so fricken happy you guys... after an afternoon with this's exceeds my a LONG shot. Thanks to everyone for their congrats in the previous post. I read them ALL

Million things running through my head right now. I started at around 1:30pm and didn't get done "playing" until about 8:30pm tonight... and I'm not DONE by a long stretch.

The story Begins:

When I first got to the dealership, the car had been there for about an hour and people were already gathered around it. Some old guy was digging through my trunk trying to find a part "his company made"! Haha, I wasn't peeved or anything... it's all in good fun.

Anyway... I had asked them to not prep it, not drive it, not do anything to it. When I got there my wishes had been honored. The car had 2.4 miles on it from the factory....

After handing over some quick paperwork, we took her for the first ride

First Impressions

So I have to start by saying I've never even been closer than 100ft from a 2010 Camaro. Never sat in one, never came close to driving one. Once I got over the sheer beauty of the car I finally mustered enough courage to open the door.... then for some reason I stared in amazement from outside for awhile before I finally climbed in......

My first thought was "Breathtaking..." this car is beautiful inside and out. I honesty do not understand anyone who has a complaint about the interior. I have absolutely none except a CAMARO logo on the passenger side would be FINE, but not needed.

It's a hard top and I'm 6ft tall. There was TONS of headroom in the car... I didn't come close to hitting the roof. I did not have the "turret" feeling some have described in the car. Yes, the door windows are higher but I had very good visibility out the front. Rear visibility is somewhat poor but sufficient.

Seats were VERY comfortable. They fit me very snuggly which I liked. The black leather is really really really nice in this car.

First DRIVE!!

So finally I decide it's time for a drive. Mike and I climb in and started her up. The SOUND. The SOUND is AWESOME in the V8. Literally perfect in my opinion. After hearing the exhaust I don't think I need Catback exhaust...honestly it might make it "too" loud - if there is such a thing

The ride is firm - as expected from the SS. I should say firm but more comfortable than I expected. It handles the road very well and very TIGHTLY. The steering wheel is a GREAT size. The wheel leather feels very smooth - almost too smooth but not too bad. The inner most controls on the steering wheel are kind of hard to reach...they are inset pretty far.

The shifter is GREAT. I didn't find it too long but a HURST will be desirable I'm thinking. It's very tight and easy flowing however - a very good shifter while we wait for the Hursts.

I never came close to stalling her.... I didn't have any problems in that area at all. I'll never "heel toe" with this car until I get a new gas pedal, but that's alright by me.


So I had to try it right??? Well first thing I found out... you have to FLOOR the pedal to get it to activate. Holding it 3/4 the way down will rev it into the 7/8k mark. Popping the clutch wasn't a good idea either at that high of an RPM - yes, I did my first clutch burn but hey... no long lasting damage

After I read the instructions (RTFI ) I tried again...and it was SAAWWEEEETTT you guys. It does bust loose a little bit but it didn't get squirely. And it was FAST

I took a corner in competitive mode and hammered it - the back end broke loose and started to slide.... I LOVED IT It didn't let me get too out of control but it was enough - very very nice I did smell a bit of clutch, brakes, and rubber before the day was over...but hey it's day 1...I'll baby it until I break it in from here on out.

I have a million more thoughts but here are some answers for you guys.


I threw a USB stick with MP3's all over the place on it - in subfolders, etc - It found them all and read them no problem. The menu is almost identical to an IPOD menu - even for thumbsticks.

I synced my blackberry to the car in seconds. You can assign up the 30 names to any number and simply "speak" their name when the car asks you to and it will dial them. No voice recognition necessary on your phone.

It can pair up with up to 7 phones.


First off they did NOT ship with the car in the trunk. They came in a separate shipment that happened to get there about 2 hours after the car did. They came in a big thin cardboard box - see pics.

Next - Unfortunately the stripes don't get installed until Thursday (yes I'll post pics ASAP on Thursday ). My dealer doesn't actually apply them themselves, they contract it out to a guy who's been doing it for 15+ years. (spoke to him on the phone - not worried a bit).

Next question: These are black Rally stripes, are they glossy or flat?

Well to be honest - I "think" they are glossy. I don't want to peel back the protective coating to find out until they are about to be applied. We'll find out more Thursday...but they look glossy to me from what I can tell.

Answering Questions:

Originally Posted by Vipe View Post
Gratz, what dealer?
Marty Feldman Chevrolet - Novi Michigan. These guys are a CLASS act. They stuck to the word, gave me GM Employee pricing on their 1st Camaro. How cool can you get? Also, they STILL have allocations at 1 of their dealerships. If anyone is interested I HIGHLY recommend calling Mike McManus at 248-264-5124.

Originally Posted by DETROIT2010Camaro View Post
was you the one at liberty getting your stripes done up there?!??
Yes that's me Thursday is the day they will be installed.

Originally Posted by irpq11 View Post
Uh, oh. Hope everythings going ok in the finance office.
Like I said, to my unbelievable relief, they kept their word on GMS pricing - didn't tack on any extra crap, and accepted my pre-approved loan check from PENFED.

Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
What, no Iphone? Hell, I'll be streaming video...
Not yet bro Videos are easy enough if someone wants a particular one.

Originally Posted by Tom_K View Post
Congrats! Embalmer do you work at a mortuary? Are you still out driving? Still waiting for those pics.
No that's just my gamer tag on XBOX LIVE Yeap, I'm a big game nerd. And YES, I did just get done driving it



So I'm not sure how excited you guys are to see the Pictures without the Rally stripes.... I'll post those at EoB on Thursday though

Anyway, here they are.
Attached Images

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