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Originally Posted by camero View Post
Nah, those are the same ones as on the official pictures.

Well maybe a little, but since I can't tell you about the SUPER cool stuff that you don't know about, I can at least tell you when you're getting all excited about nothing! (Or maybe I'm just helping GM hide the coolest filler door EVER from you!)
Ok, I think it's time to rough you up...

Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
It's NOT just a gas cap. It's NOT just a gas cap. It's NOT just a gas cap.

Add some B-pillars. Make the roof higher. Make the wheels smaller. Don't cut out the vents. Change the gas cap location....and go ahead and paint the cover.....Hell...just change a few more things about the car. Now, I can understand reasons for certain changes.

I can live with a few things. But, give me a break. I'm not one who goes to a dealer and buys whatever is on the lot... So, for a lot of us, it ISN'T JUST a gas cap.

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