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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
Add some B-pillars. Make the roof higher. Make the wheels smaller. Don't cut out the vents. Change the gas cap location....and go ahead and paint the cover.....Hell...just change a few more things about the car. Now, I can understand reasons for certain changes. I can live with a few things. But, give me a break. I'm not one who goes to a dealer and buys whatever is on the lot... So, for a lot of us, it ISN'T JUST a gas cap.
We obviously wanted it, we're the ones that designed the one you love, but there's only so much money for useless parts. Go look at other mid-$20K cars... you're getting sooooo much more with the Camaro you'll be blown away and you can spend $400 for your own billet gas cap (or $100 for the plastic one we'd give you) and be the only one with one rather than driving the price of everyone's car up. $5 for this and $100 for that adds up till the car is in a whole different price class and you have to add another $10,000 to compete with them. You can't imagine how fast the price snowballs. And the low roof, huge wheels and tiny lights look fantastic in pictures and on the stand but look ridiculous on the street and would render the car unusable. I've seen the showcar drive on actual streets and it looks like a cartoon joke... the production car looks much better. (and please don't get me started on the sidevents thing again)
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