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Originally Posted by Revo1 View Post
So if you were to buy a car, going into the sale you believed it was a particular trim level. Then, through research you realize that it isn't. Are you still going to buy the vehicle, or move on to a seller with more integrity?

I don't believe in badging cars incorrectly, that's all. Seems pretentious.

If I were to drop an LSA in my SS and change up some fascia, could I slap some ZL1 badges on the thing and call it even?
Geese, its not like I put SS all over it. If you don't like it then don't look at it. I posted this to show my art work, anything other than that needs to be left out. I rarely come here to Camaro5 for this exact reason....someone always looking to start crap with someone else about crap they do. Post some pics of yours...and since we are at it I will find some shit to knock yours for. Seems to be rather easy for you. Bottom line.....If you don't like then don't look at it. and move on.
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