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Well, here is were I started today. What a mess of wires. Putting back the plastic cover is looking like a really good idea..... just about now, LOL.

The first thing on the agenda was to extend the coil harness plug to reach the new location.

To do this, I needed to split the harness.

I used a box cutter knife for the job. I also labeled each injector plug.

Here is were it gets a little tricky. You have a single 12 volt wire that feeds each of the injectors and the coil harness.

Opening the factory splice was a P.I.T.A. to say the least! You'll need to take your time.

I'm also re-making and re-routing the fuel injector harness. IT will no longer run up the front of the engine.

I used a single 14 gauge wire and spliced the injector 12 volt wire. I ended with 5 wires out the back instead of eight.

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