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I got a new SS emblem and V2 22" RBG scanner for Xmas. Last night I got board so I decided to install them last night. It was late & cold but I couldn't wait any longer. I was able to slip my hand down behide the grille and put the SS emblem on. I looked at it a couple of times to mahe sure I got it in the middle slot. Well I should of looked at it three times because I got to install it twice it was wrong. It took me a lot longer then I thought it was going to for the scanner. I took my die grinder and ground down the back side of the bumper. That way it was easier to cut with the exacto knife. Make sure and use lots of tape to cover everything around where you are working. It is very easy to slip and sratch something. The 3m tape didn't stick very well, I think it was to cold so I will have to fix that.
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