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In this picture, you can see were I removed the ground cable. It will be relocated to the drivers side. I how I ran the tape all the was to the mother nest.

To install the driver side coil pack I had to disconnect the hose that goes into the radiator hose and push it aside. To say that drilling that hose was a challenge would be a euphemism.

I was such a that I forgot to take pictures.

I was able to split the harness that feeds the coil pack and run it under the bottom of the engine along the cross mender. Sorry no pictures. There's a harness that runs along the cross-member from factory and I fallowed the same path. End results. It's now INVISIBLE!

I dropped the intake to get a feel on how I would do the drivers side harness. The only wires I have running are the ones that feed the altinator which are east to reroute. I'm going to leave that as a separate project once I'm done with the coils and fuel rails. I did finish rapping them and tuck them were you could barely see them on the passenger side.

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