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Had a pretty productive day..... all things consider. Sometime it seems like the car is fitting me all the way!

I was able to finish the drivers side harness. Just a heads up but, the connectors are not going to stay that way. Me no liky the rainbow of colors; gray, green and blue, yuk! Actually I'm redoing the hole thing. Right now, I just want to get the car on the road again. Once I'm done with the bulk of the work, I go back and redo some stuff. I'll be ordering new connectors, braided steel tubing for the wires, etc..... and do something nicer. But thats getting ahead of myself.

Once I had the harness completed, I could now focus on tidying up the wires. I used zip tides for the job.

To tuck the harness out of the way, I first disconnected the ABS harness plug. This allowed me to pull the harness over the plug and into the cavity behind the heat shield. I also removed the bolt holding the shield and pulled it forward.

Once I tuck it in there, I reinstalled the plug and bolted for the heat shield.

For the moment, I used some of the flexible nylon tubing from Home D to hide the wires. I have some of this stuff coming from Summit that's nicer.

Also got the ground cable relocated to the drivers side.

I was able to hide the EVAC solenoid on the inside of the bracket that holds the fuse box. The ARP bolt in the picture is what holding the solenoid bracket. The harness running to it is no longer visible. The hose that run from the solenoid to the intake now runs down the bottom and through the space between the water pump and engine block. It come out the top and plugs in. Sorry I don't have more detail pictures but my helper/ photographer/brother wasn't around today.

On the agenda for now is just cutting the plug wires to size.

I'll be on hold waiting for parts.

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