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Originally Posted by scrming View Post
Very cool! Nice shots!

Now all you need is some very larger reflectors or big flash to lighten up some of the harsh shadows.... LOL
Thanks John............Maybe next time.

Originally Posted by GoldBowtie View Post
You guys were really busy! Great photos.

Thank - you. I took over 120 photos in 2 hours. Sam took over 220 photos in 90 minutes. She just got her Camera and was shooting everything.

Originally Posted by Never Satisfied View Post
Great pics....thanks for sharing. I especially like the Comerica pics being a life long Tiger fan!

Thank - you. WE realized we had the Tiger colors when we started to take photos of the two Camaros togehter.

Originally Posted by Aequitas & Veritas View Post
Awesome! Gotta love Detroit
Thank - you, It truly is a GREAT city, just old and lost so much do to everything banking on the automotive industry.

Originally Posted by owensmat View Post
Good location choices for the pics. Didn't know there was a Detroit Gen5 club. I'll have to look into it and perhaps bring mine for the next meeting? Thanks for sharing!
Thanks, we had a great time going from location to location. Drove around like we owned the city.

Originally Posted by BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet View Post
Awesome pics, Mike & Sam!!!!

Love the Team Colors @ Comerica Park!

Thanks Becky, It was an AWESOME time going around taking photos. I had it pre-planned on the locations I wanted to go to and see.

Originally Posted by Baldman View Post
Great photos. It would've been funny if one of those persons from "Parking Wars" would've given you a ticket.
Thank - you, it would have been funny, I had my story all worked out, we never got hasseled by anyone about anything.
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