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Originally Posted by avdavidw View Post

This is Brown-Daub Chevrolet's first pre-order Camaro. The customer that bought it requested that no prep work be done to it and he take delivery as-is. So you're seeing it in it's freshly delivered virgin state.

It's a Imperial Blue Metallic, 2SS, RS, Manual, Polished Wheels and Black interior.

Pretty much the car I plan on ordering and it was great to see it in real life. I was worried about the blue being too dark but it was brighter than I expected and had some really blue accents depending on how the lighting hit it.

I can't wait to get my order in!
Dude once this cas is washed and polished, add on some SIM or White rally stipes And we have the most beautiful 5th Gen camaro, especially when in the sunlight. After seeing this car and its potiential I was like Cyber Grey What???
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