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Originally Posted by BumbleBeeSS2009 View Post
Mods please feel free to move this to whatever section you guys feel is appropriate

a couple of weeks ago one of the guys in my car club gave me a brand new front bowtie for nothing... just cause I said I needed one and he had one laying around... (Thanks TJ).... Well this got me thinking... Not sure if anyone else already started something like this but I know alot of us have some spare parts and im sure there are people who could use them so im going to take the initiative here and "pay it forward" I have an OEM manual shifter laying around... Its just the knob, no boot... Whoever wants it let me know, just pm me your address and ill ship it out (completely free) my only request is that the person who receives it does the same with something they have laying around... Just "pay it forward"!
Good deal Tony!!!!
Just a few mods....
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