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Originally Posted by OldScoolCamaro View Post
Well looks like all those clamoring for a lightened Camaro will have it!. And significantly I might add compared to Gen5. The upcoming Caddy and Camaro are based on the same architecture, so expect the weights to be very similar between them. Gen6 Camaro, as it looks now, will be back at the curb weight of the last of the F bodies in 2002. Well played GM, well played....

So, as Mac says...resurrect the Z-28 then for Gen6, and I propose they make a 1LE track pack version < aka Z-28, but not named as so> now for the last of the Gen5.
You realize GM never called anything "track pack"
... actually, I think it's a chrysler thing. Gives me the heebyjeebies when ya'll use it.
...almost bad as calling a "wheel", a "rim".

nothing personal, just FYI
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