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Originally Posted by fielderLS3 View Post
Guys, I wouldn't hold my breath on that. From the article, it sounds like the ATS will START at 3400 pounds, for the N/A Ecotec 4-cyl version (an appalling choice to offer in a Cadillac by the way...reading that gives me instant flashbacks of the Cimmeron).

A 5th gen V8 Camaro would likely be closer to 3600+ lbs on the same platform. The only way you get a Z/28 Camaro at 3400 lbs will either be if it is a 4-cylinder, or if it turns out to be a "stripper" model, similar to what Porche does with certain models, where leather, power seats, air conditioning, a radio, most of the sound insulation, and possibly the back seats are deleted in an all out effort to reduce weight, or, some combination of both.
You are partially right, in that I am sure the V8 will weigh more than the I4 in the ATS, however the ATS will have a lot of features as standard equipment that will be options on the Camaro. For all we know, a "stripper" model of an ATS could weigh in at 3200lbs, but since it is a Cadillac and not a Chevy (meaning you can't order it as a stripper model) we will never know.

ATS also will have more glass and two more doors on it. I would imagine doors add weight and I know glass does.

That said, I doubt the aluminum hood would make it on the Camaro, and the magnesium engine mount brackets might not either.

What can be said, with pretty good certainty, is that the next Camaro will be significantly lighter than the current one.

One other thing to think about is how big the Camaro will be compared to the ATS. Same platform, but what about overall length? ATS is about 6 inches shorter than the Gen5, does that mean the Gen6 Camaro will be smaller than the current car? That could add weight as well.
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