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Originally Posted by tones2SS View Post
And I agree with Moose!!
Do yourself a GIANT favor and get Zaino products and some MICRO FIBER towels and nothing else to dry or detail the car with.
Using anything else besides a micro fiber towel, like a towel can actually scratch your car.
(DO A SEARCH in the forum for ZAINO.)
This post is for the original poster.

Q: Are Micro-Fiber products safe to use?

A: Zaino has been testing various Micro-Fiber products. Unfortunately, the jury is still out on them. Some of them are excellent and do not scratch. Others are terrible and definitely scratch.
The quality control of these products from overseas, especially Korea, is not consistent, so you never know if they will be the same scratch-free quality. Even when using the same brand, we found the quality to be inconsistent. For now, we do not recommend using them. However, lab testing is ongoing, and we will post an update when we have more conclusive results.

NOTE: If you are already using microfiber towels, look carefully at your paint finish under flourescent light when you are using your towels. If you are not getting any swirls or fine scratches from the microfiber towels, then you are okay and can continue to use them. Remember it's better to be safe than swirly.


It's just the quality you buy, a cheap Micro-Fiber or a cheap towel will leave swirls and a good Micro-Fiber and a good towel will not.

New Borderfree towels from Zaino
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