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Crystal Red Tintcoat on ZL1 now available - B92 is Not

Crystal Red Tint became available over the weekend on the Quick Order and will be on the Regular Configurator this Thurs. That is the good news!! Finally it arrived. The bad news is that it came two weeks too late if you wanted to combine the color with B92, which is what happened to me. I passed on my Dec. allocation waiting for Crystal Red to arrive. Just as my January allocation arrived, Crystal Red is put on Quick Order and it is announced that B92 is put on constraint. I can't catch a break here. So I passed up my January allocation and will give it one more month and hope that the B92 problem is resolved in the next few weeks BEFORE the Feb. allocation comes in. But on a bright note, at least the color I want is available and if B92 is still on constraint then I will order the car without it and try to work a deal to buy the part at cost over the counter at a later date.
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