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Some progress over the weekend. I test drove the car Saturday morning after swapping out the torque converter. Wanted to make sure everything was fine there before starting on the supercharger. I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the garage.

Sunday I started on the supercharger install. I got the front facia off (a lot easier than I thought it would be.) I got the ADM air deflector installed. I also got the intercooler for the supercharger installed.

Every time I had the CAI air tube off, I have looked for oil around the throttle body to see if I needed a catch can. I have never found any oil on either car. I removed the throttle body today, and I found a little bit of oil behind it. I looked in the intake, and it looked pretty clean in there. But I only have about 2200 miles on the car. I just ordered an Elite Engineering catch can.

I was looking for a flywheel locking tool so that I can pin the crankshaft, which is required for a supercharger install. I was looking at buying one, and even posted a WTB in the classifieds section. The tool runs about $90 new. A member, bigsquirrel, offered to loan me his if I pay for shipping. What generous people we have on here! I sent him a PM taking him up on his offer.

I'm really wanting to redo several of the wiring harnesses around the engine to clean things up. I'm going to wait until the supercharger is all installed and tested before doing that. Too many changes at once could make troubleshooting difficult.

One thing about the whipple install kit is that it appears that the intercooler reservoir is supposed to be installed up front by the regular coolant fill locations. However, I have one of those radiator covers. I don't think that it will mount with the radiator cover installed. I'll have to get that figured out.

I should get a chance to work on it every night this week. Headers are supposed to be here on Wednesday. Stay tuned. I'll get some pictures in the next couple of days.

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