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Originally Posted by GoldenBear View Post
Jedi, Great news on the availability of Crystal Red Tintcoat. I saw CRT in person on a CTS-V at the Silicon Valley Auto Show this weekend and it looked striking with a lot of depth and complexity. I hope that it will still be available on the 2013 models.

From what Scott posted regarding the exposed carbon weave hood insert not being available at the start of ZL1 production, I don't think that any of the early production 2012 ZL1s will be equipped with the B92 option, so I don't think that even if you ordered a different color with the December allocation, that that vehicle would have been delivered with the exposed carbon weave insert anyway.
Bear, I hate to break it to you, but GM production control already confirmed that all orders received into production on 12/20 will indeed ship with the B92 option. Scott also confirmed this, just not so directly to where he can get canned. He has to protect himself. I have a TPW of 1/28 and have the B92 option, my dealership has spoke to production control including the manager now 5 times about the situation, god bless his sole, and every time he gets the same answer that it will ship with the exposed insert. Sorry if that upsets you but that is cold hard facts that you have to deal with.
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