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Originally Posted by stovt001 View Post
Shame to hear about the interior though. Some have said the plastics, though hard, feel high quality. They say they feel cheap and flimsy. Hard is ok by me, cheap and flimsy is not.
Such determinations are subjective. To some -- ALL plastics are "cheap and flimsy"...Magazine drivers with access to high-end lucury vehicles are no exception....

I for one thought the inside felt robust.

Originally Posted by Mrbobcat View Post
If I were to get a gencoupe, I would go with the GT version with the auto and that would solve both issues and also bring the price down. In which the huyndai would have surely won the comparo.
The Grand Touring version wouldn't return as high performance numbers, though...coupled with the LT's smoother, FE2-suspended ride...wouldn't it make the comparison more in the Camaro's favor?
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