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Originally Posted by Camaro509 View Post
Great photos in your album (lucky man).

If I may make a suggestion...
Get a high resolution picture of her posing as she would in front
of the vehicle, but instead in front of a monochrome color that contrasts
nicely with the color of the Camaro and her clothing.

The pictures you have in your album are all low-contrast and very busy,
making it much more difficult to photoshop them with great results.

Plus, this way, you get the pose you and she were looking for without having to compromise.

If you ever feel like dabbling in photo-editing on the cheap, check out The GIMP, it is a Linux native app with Adobe Photoshop robustness that is also available for Windows machines, best of all? It is FREE.
I'll check it out. Thanx. Bonnie says thanks for the compliments.

In about a month or month and a half, I'll be able to get some woth the real car. This one obviously can't be perfect but just a cool little pic.
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