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Originally Posted by AngelSpeedFreak View Post
I just love that signature pic.... I may have to photoshop and call it my car lol.... Just kidding man.

Car is looking sick... Thanks for not parking next to me the other day so my car didn't look so plain
Dude your car is far from plain.

Originally Posted by aquablueL99 View Post
ZoMBiE_KMF----I have to say your build thread has the BEST photos I have ever seen!! Whom ever is taking them has more talent in their little finger than most of us put together out there in Photo Land!!!---
Josh took the set of 6 pics that include my sig. He takes some really good pics. Check out some of his other pics.

Originally Posted by Farthestnorth View Post
Looking murdered Zombie, and also what program are you using to edit your photos? I use Lightbroom but cannot get those kind of results?
There are a few on here taken by a photographer I have no idea what he uses. All the others on here (and you can tell the difference) are just with my crappy phone, some decent pics with the HDR app on the phone, and then there are some really clear pics that I took with my cousin's Rebel.

Originally Posted by jmaynard View Post
Dude, the srtipes are AWESOME!
Thanx. Ridergraphix.
My Build Thread:
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