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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Probably because of the heat soak from a roots blower on a V6 would increase the IAT's way too much, and even meth wouldn't be able to resolve it.

Most people like the looks of roots blowers, but you'll also notice everybody with a roots blower also need a meth kit, while most folks with ProChargers have no need for meth because there is no heat transfer from the blower to the engine, and the cooling method used on a centri does not use "hot coolant" to cool the blower (to cool the air).

You're best bet for a blower on a V6 most likely a centri or turbo system.
Not true at all at all on roots requiring a W/M kit... Simply run a air-to-water intercooler. As for "hot coolant", dump a bag of ice in before you make a pass at the track or BETTER YET, go with the RX Super Chiller thing! LOL! Lots of folks simply run the intercooler without meth. In fact I was just talking to Lidio over at Alternative Auto and he says very few guys are opting for meth and he installs a LOT of roots type blowers. BTW, there is nothing wrong at all with a properly setup meth kit and the power gains can be very impressive!

Also not all centri's are air-to-air.... Vortech uses air-to-water... although i think they do know offer air-to-air. But with water-to-air.. put that nice big reservoir in the trunk and load it up with a big bag of ice! When you are racing in August and the ambient temp is close to 100 degree, that cold ICE WATER isn't so hot! LOL

Thing is roots type blowers have never been that available for the V6s... so don't think it's really the tuning issues... Look at the V6 Mustang. There are already a couple of centri kits out for the new 3.7 but no roots. In the previous 4.0 V6 there was only 1 kit and that was a Eaton from Explorer Express... Took them quite a while to bring that out for the 4.0 in the Mustang... So even if the tuning in the Camaro was simple, not sure we would see a root type blower available...
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