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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
People don't have to make the right decisions, but I would think most installers would "recommend" a meth kit after doing a few pulls and analyzing the IAT's. The fact of the matter is there is a lot of heat soak from roots style blowers to the engine.

Regardless, of the varying methods (meth, chiller, ice, et al) to cool down the roots style blower (engine) my point it it's always better "not" to have to worry about any secondary systems. I dont' "need" any of that on my ProCharger setup.

I don't want to use meth if I don't "have" to, and I don't want a trunk full of ice or any other gadgets to keep my IAT's cool if my blower choice doesn't transfer any additional heat to my engine. Additionally, what do you do when doing road course laps? Stop mid-way to cool the SC?

And, yes you're right ProCharger the first to come out with the Air-to-Air method and now everyone else wants to follow suit.
But you are at the mercy of of Mother Nature and the ambient air temp... Air to air is not the end all to be all... They make gadgets for air to air also... Check out the CO2 spray bars.

And of course the other benefit of a meth system is the octane increase effect, allowing you run more boost and timing. There are some serious gains to be had with this gadget....
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