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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
The outside air temperatures will never be as hot as the fluid running through an engine, and that's the reason why the ProCharger works so well to push cooler air into the intake, and why the roots blowers don't thus the need for ice, and chillers.

As for increse in HP using meth.; My understanding is can use meth to cool the cylinder temp (which will maintain what ever power you already have vs a reduction in power due to hotter IAT's) OR use it as a fuel additive to provide power above and beyond what you have already. One method does nothing to increase power, the other does nothing to cool temps.
Meth cools the air charge... and suppresses detonation.. This allows you to get more aggressive with your tune....

The EcoBoost is an air to air intercooler system and works just fine... However there are some SHO guys running Meth and they typically knock .5 off there 1/4 mile ETs... Seriously look at this setup myself...

also for other that might not know:

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