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Originally Posted by radz28 View Post
And that track conditions (at least in one of the reviews) was not exactly good (cold and dusty was a comment made by another magazine on the same track, presumably about the same day). I'm making some assumptions based on the information they posted, but no less than you that these are times to be expected from a stock car. GM has posted pretty accurate acceleration data in the past, so I expect these are going to be pretty close to the numbers we'll see, real world. If I'm wrong about conditions, I'll stand corrected.

You are not wrong about the one mag's condition. 3 magazine couldn't get the ZL1 to 11.9x quarter. Chevy themselves put the ZL1 as a 12sec car as well. It's safe to say that the ZL1 is a 12sec car? I am sure some guy in a hero run will do a 11.xx, but does that make it a 11 sec car?
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