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Den318; I see all of your points on the Zl1 and its performance. I thought the ZL1 was going to have crazy track and strip numbers(Most guys on here thought the 1/4 would be in the 11s and 0 to 60 better than CTS-V). After reading all the reviews it seems the ZL1 is mainly a track car. I know GM wants the Camaro to be a world class car in all areas, and it is. I guess I am old school and want to leave the track stuff to the Vett and the euro/asian cars. To me Challegers, Mustangs, Firebirds, and the Camaro are straight line cars. Again most people who want a race car buy the Vett or something from Europe or Japan. I love the Camaro I don't care if the interior is cheap or it weighs 10 tons, but I am a Fanboy always have been always will be. I just kinda wish GM would stop trying to turn beer into wine with the Camaro, and give me a Camaro that will kick the crap out of the mustang in a straight line!
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