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Went to dealer to drive the Camaro!

Dealer called me 2 weeks ago to let me know that the pushed LT/RS Camaro was coming to their dealership, then called again when it came in on Friday. So I scheduled a test drive. I was excited the whole day needless to say! So I get up to the dealers for my appointed test drive, get with my salesman. The car is out being driven by a prospective customer, that's cool. So when they get back with the Camaro, my salesman grabs the keys, we start walking out the door, and some guy comes running up, pulls my salesman to the side. My salesman comes over after a short talk with the other salesman and says "good news and bad news!" I am like what? He says I can look at the car, but the people that just test drove it are paying for the car as we speak and they don't want anyone to drive it. My face turned . I was told several times this camaro was for the unveil by my salesman, now he changes his whole tune. I know GM can only suggest what to do with this pushed car, but this was just wrong what my dealer just did. First they told me this car was not being sold until after the unveil, they scheduled an appt. for me to drive it, and I get there and this happens. This would not be the first time they have pissed me off, and I am sure it won't be the last. I am trying my harderst not to just blow off this deal, and lose my MSRP price with a reasonable time line to recvieve the car just the way I want it. I know I was late to this forum and to the pre-order process, but even that can be blamed on my dealer because of their lack of knowledge. Bought a new Cobalt in Sep 08, thinking that the Camaro had no plans on being built or sold anytime soon because that is what the salesperson told me, then 3 weeks later pre-orders start. I have had to fight with these guys over my pre-order and submitting it, it is like pulling teeth to get any information about anything, and my knowledge of this car is way greater than them. And if I would have known the things I know now there is no way I would ever have bought this car from them, I would have bought the car from across the country if had to. I feel trapped and I know that I got myself in this situation because of hurrying up to get a deal before they were all taken. My TPW is 5/18, and I am digging in now hoping when it gets here I don't get screwed again. I don't blame GM for any of this, still love the Camaro, but see how some dealers out there are giving the industry a bad rep. This dealer is so short sighted that selling the display car doesn't matter. It does matter and the suggestion GM made was a good plan IMO, too bad they cannot enforce it.
This is a rant I know with no real purpose other than getting it off my chest. I do have one question though. Is it possible to keep my deal and ask for a new saleperson? I have issue with the dealership at this point but my salesperson has been less than bad. I don't want to even ask the dealership if it would end up hurting my dealer, but I could switch and not be a problem for me, maybe I can find someone there is interested in taking care of there customers.
Wish GM could manufacture some dealers, and then they would all be like CamaroScotty. That would help GM yesterday.
Today is my B-day, and this weekend was starting out great, then I went to the dealer and it screwed that up! Pisses me off to no end, kept me up last night, this is not suppose to be the experience of buying such a great car. It is suppose one of those moments that you will remember and smile about it. Life is grand!

Oh well!
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