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Originally Posted by Shane D View Post
Wow, that is amazing! I thought that engine was only supposed to be 450, at the flywheel? Did you change anything? Generous dyno? Or are these engines rated very conservatively?

I know that these engines are built for boost and that is where you are going, but that is a pretty strong motor. You could have lots of pop with probably no troubles for 100,000 miles and maybe 200k. Tempting thought, unless you are totally focused on boost.
I keep thinking about buying a used SS and dropping in an LSX454. Hopefully it would run strong and be mostly trouble free for a decade.

Shane D
These are great engines.

I was told it was dyno'ed conservatively. So I guess that's why my numbers are so high.. I have the gen 2 lsx which is 10.7:1 compression
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