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Originally Posted by UCI CamaroFan View Post
LOL. Yeah I know. I saw it listed on craigslist, called them up and asked them how much over MSRP they wanted, and then I laughed.

I am from fullerton, so I had to go check it out. When I tried to sit in it though, they told me that it got sold last night and that the buyer took the keys.
ROFL,they either lied or the buy cancelled the buy because I walked in, looked around, opened the door, sat in it, adjusted the seats, messed with all the buttons, opened the hood and trunk and then I left, they saw me, none of them even came to me to see if I was interested in buying or NOTHING, not one word, which kind of annoyed me, I guess I didn't look like a serious buyer, which I wasn't but I will be in 2010 aaaaaaaaaand I will not be going to them when I buy my Camaro, just for that simple fact
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