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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
You have me thinking...maybe a slighty used SS to start with...oh yeah make a phone call to Pete.
I feel for you bro, have contemplated that as well. However, my case in point is Gen 5 used SS's are not that old or used enough IMHO to actually get something affordble enough to tear apart and tinker with yet. 4-5 years down the road they will be at the point where they have plenty of life left in them, and will be cost effective enough to modify where it will be more cost effective. However, by that point a 1LE/Z28 may be introduced, or a suitable Camaro product model may be factory available that will meet the criteria without having to wrench it oneself. It's a tough decision no doubt. Also take into consideration CAFE regs and the impending cost increases surrounding factory hotrods in 2015. Based on those factors I won't opt for the used SS until I wait it out a few more years to see how the tea leaves pan out.
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