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Originally Posted by BigHemiSrt View Post
Sucks for times but with those temps the car will be making more hp. There fore the times will suck but the MPH will be better than what will be normal/average. This is if it was at or near sea level.

Atleast mid 11's. With a 1.5 sixty foot my car runs mid 11's @ 117. If this car can get a 1.5 short time @ 119 expect times to be around 11.2-11.5.

The ZL1 is going to need drag radials to pull that off.
The ZL1 heavy car like the ZL1 with stock rubber pulling those kind of
60' times.
Most owners would will probably be happy just to pull sub 2.0 sec 60' times on the stock rubber with all the power.

But I do understand what your saying. Check my sig, I'm running 12.1 with only 113 mph traps. But I'm running drag radials and pulling 1.77 sec 60' times.
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