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Originally Posted by ZNOLMT View Post
I think it's kindof disappointing that they didn't really do any unique bodywork other than the (ugly) hood.

The front is stock, which doesn't look ANYTHING like their rendering.

Isn't that a Stillen splitter?
The hood is very ugly. Didn't he bash the Camaro not too long ago? Now he's trying to get in the game? Who needs him, let him play with the pony boys.

Originally Posted by PercyJWellingtonIII View Post
I certainly like this Much better than the ugly ZL1. The ZL1 Fogligts are sharp edgy and hideous. There are no sharp lines on the car so why add them there. The lower part of the front grill also is to chopped up and doesn't flow. Its just plain ugly. The hood is also very unsightly...enough already with the carbon fiber look....we all know it light weight to so slap some paint on it. We don't need to see the grain in the carbon fiber because there is nothing pretty about it. Given the option of buying this or a ZL1 guess where I will put my money.
Ugly ZL1? You're certainly in the minority there pal.
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