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Originally Posted by 572HP View Post
Man, this is some really great stuff! Great work!

Noob question: I have a strut-tower brace (convertible) that I want to replace the bolts with nice looking bolts like ARP. What is the process to determine which ones to buy?
Originally Posted by Kilo-9 View Post
I would take one out and figure out the thread size, pitch, and length...then order appropriately. You could also PM member MS3DALE and ask him what size they are...I believe he ordered polished titanium bolts for his.

What Kilo-9 said. Just in case this is all new to you, it was to me when I first started this project. I didn't know much about "thread, pitch and how to measure.... so just in case..... Bolts have three measurements. "Diameter", either standard or metric. All the bolts I've replace are metric. "Pitch", thats the number of threads per millimeter and "Length".

You can go to Home D, Ace, etc. By the way, I love Ace! They'll have a board with sockets (see pic below), all you do is screw your bolt to the appropriate socket, this will tell you the diameter and pitch. Example: 6MM X 1.5. ( 6MM is the diameter and the 1.5 is the pitch. On the board, it also has were you can measure for length. To determine the length, you want to measure from the bottom of the head to the tip. So you might have a bolt thats 6MM X 1.5 by 30 MM. Next you can call ARP and have them give you a parts number for that size bolt. With the parts number, I call Summit and get a price. They sell individual and packs of five. If you need three of the same, it might be cheaper to buy the five pack. One thing I like about Summit is that if you have to return something, they include a postage paid return label with each of their orders.

Also, you have the two types of heads, Hex and 12 points, every bolt I've gotten have been 12 points. I think they look nicer.

Hope that helps

Oh, thanks for the compliment. It makes taking the time to post on here gratifying. I appreciate that.

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