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Originally Posted by Revo1 View Post
I just made an observation. You guys turned it into a disussion. As long as it makes you happy, doesn't matter what people say about it right?

If you still want pics let me know.
That's the funny thing about observations Revo1, around here they turn into heated discussions.
I see several folks in this thread have disagreed with my two cents, but.......I really don't care.....that's their opinion and I respect that. Ya in my own opinion I still think I am right, but in their opinion they are right, that's the beauty of this great country.......we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Folks still change their cars and modify them to their own liking, it's called "individuality" "originality" If I was in your shoes I probably would do the same thing. I too am planning on doing things to my car that is not holding up to the "keep it stock" standards. As soon as I post something I did on here I am sure I will be flamed up one side and down the other about certain things on my car, that's just what folks do on forums.
I'm 46 years old I let this shyt roll off my shoulders "in one ear, out the other"
When a person totally converts their car from a non RS to an RS and they basically cross all their "Ts" and dot their "i"s and change their info to reflect that they now have an RS, then they will most likely not get get flamed, unless someone in here can actually pick the numbers out on the vin in one of your pics lol.
Your car looks awesome, along with the artwork, although not my cup of tea. Make your car YOURS and be happy with it. And when it ever comes time to sell it, SOMEBODY will buy it. Some folks in here treat these cars like they are going to be collectors cars, all I can say to that is "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! YA RIGHT!
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