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V6 manual fix.

Originally Posted by francone13 View Post
Well it would be nice if GM would let us know what is going on with our orders. Is there anyone that has any more information on the V6 tranny?
Hey francone. I posted a couple weeks ago about this problem, and the solution. A friend of mine is friends with an engineer who has been dealing with this. It seems as though the 2nd gear synchros, and the clutch and pressure plate couldn't handle the power that this V6 puts out ! They didn't stand up to the infamous 'Woodward Test' - holeshots and powershifts thru all gears to redine- over and over and over ! Just like we're gonna drive 'em !!! These problems have supposedly been fixed, by redesigning them, and going to a different source for a heavier duty clutch. The new parts are in the pipeline and will start to be built in mid May. I'm anxious also, since I'm waiting for a V6 manual myself. Tomorrow I'll speak to my 'source' and see if he can give us an update.
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