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Originally Posted by levi1922 View Post
oh, thats a fact is it?
was eslock's opinion.

its like saying an eclipse isnt a girl car.
im sure guys have to them too, but imo its a chick car.
and mustangs, chick cars.

but, i think the catfish 370 looks less chick than the 350 did

A. Who the hell is eslock and why are you quoting their opinion as fact.

B. Find a Girl that owns a 370z. I suggest you start at their forums, but even then it might take a while.
"With a light touch on the brakes, run the revs up a bit. Slip off the brake and bury the throttle. There's a light chirp as tires scratch for bite. Then comes a sub-5.0-second sled ride to 60 mph. A tick over 13.0 sec. and you're through the quarter-mile. It's a rush, of course, but not overly dramatic. Try the same thing with this pair's predecessors of 1970 or so and you'll find yourself in a bit of a wrestling match. Ain't progress wonderful? Maybe yes, and maybe sometimes it's fun to wrestle."
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