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So one person posts in the comments that he has "sources" that confirm that the Z 28 is already in the works and we won't have much input because it's already being tested... IDK if I believe that. Most of the comments do keep rehashing what the Z28 should be and what I don't get is why people think it should be some middle of the pack HP# well handling car???

We are in the midst of a muscle car war here folks!!! Build the baddest, fastest, strongest, on the edge of street legal ride you can. The Z 28 should resemble what the majority of SS owners are trying to achieve in modding their current Camaros...better suspension/handling and drive train, lighter wheels, better/wider tire patch, stiff chasis, weight reduction whereever possible coupled with INSANE HP/TQ!!!

I hear all this crap about the Corvette..."chevy won't let the camaro have more HP/TQ than the flagship vette" WHY??? The corvette is not in competition with another make/model.

I've selected mods for my camaro (see sig) that have resulted in a safe/strong 731 HP at the crank and am running on pump gas and am street legal (for now). If I had some carbon fiber panels here and there for weight reduction, some ground effects, that MR suspension, the new ligenfelter diff and some light weight forged wheels I'd have what I think the Z28 should be.
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