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Originally Posted by S-eatin-grin View Post
I don't what your problem is with me...but I don't speak or type in the manner that you have suggested. Is it the fact that I reside in WV? #1 I'm not originally from there. #2 The part of WV I'm in is about an hour from DC and probably more modern than most areas of SC. #3 Perhaps most telling of all is that making assumptions about people on limited information is a true sign of ignorance. If you can't discuss a camaro topic without being an asshole then don't post.
Let me explain this to you, there are pages and pages of hundreds of comments from multiple threads that contain thoughts in detail of how the majority of the regulars in this forum feel and what our expectations are. So either you have not aquainted yourself with any of those threads or you have read them and choose to ignore them. So you can come in here with guns ablazin and upset the Z/28 forum all you like, what you are not very likely to do is change any of our minds or get any encouragement. We are what we are, your rants won't change our many months of discussing and exploring different alternatives until we came up with a general consensus. The ball is now in your court, you can familiarize yourself with where we stand and try to have a rational discussion, or you can continue in the vein that you have taken up to now, the choice is yours.
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