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I'm behind on the up dates. So I'll pick up where I left off. I'm almost done with the car, I just havent had time to keep up with the posting.

In this segment, I'll cover a few ideas when cutting the spark plug cables to size. I will also cover how I sleeved them because it's kind of a all in one job.

This picture gives shows the before and after. Not only does it look nicer but it also gets rid of all the lettering.

Once I measure and triple measure, I cut the wire to size. I than cut the sleeve a little shorter than the length of the wire to make an allowance for the boot.

To make it much easier to slide the sleeve, I lube the wire with Dielectric grease. You can pick some up at your Auto Zone, etc...

Tedious work,

Once I had the sleeve in, I slid two heat shrink tubes (one for each end) fallowed by the boot. It's important not to forget to slide the heat shrink first as they wont go over the boot.

Next came cutting the off the insulation to expose the wire. The Mallory set comes with a tool to help with the job. I wont go into much details because they have a great video that explains this.

A tip that helped install the wire looms was to put a piece of double sided tape on the back. This avoided have the nut from falling off while your trying to handle the four wires, the two pieces of the wire loom and the nut, bolt and an Alan wrench all at the same time. The nut kept falling off. This eliminated the problem.

The next thing I did was to stick the half that had the tape to were I wanted on the frame. By doing this, I now just needed to push the wires into it and cap it with the other half. Sorry, no pictures. Hope it makes sense. I did make it a lot easier doing it that way.

Here's a picture of the final product. Very nice and tidy@

I'll try to get caught up with the updates in the next couple of days. Hope this help someone.

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