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09 G8 GXP LS3 with TVS2300 made 550rwhp with 6psi.
STOCK camshaft, STOCK mufflers, 1 7/8" American Racing headers and cats


Originally Posted by TheCaptain View Post
A nice Eaton supercharger, probably the R2300 series. (ZR1 charger for those who don't know)
I love a supercharger because you have torque and power at all times, with only a small penalty. The supercharger whine is the best, and beats the sneeze of a turbo blowoff anyday!

I completely agree.
The 2300 with the addition of long tube heades (kooks or american racing) will give yo all the power and SOUND you will ever need for the street.
Originally Posted by Crowley View Post
Supercharger (eaton,KB,Whipple type).. typically more reliable and you can't beat the low end grunt ..


I agree.

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