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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Sounds like TAG is pleased!

..... GTA not so much
GTA... the name sounds familiar, but I can't place it

Originally Posted by Zman12 View Post
Ok so my main question is I still have a brand new front sway bar in the package from you with end links. I have no idea if it is old or new style and someone said the old style I would have to drill out the mounting holes? How do I tell for one and what rear bar am I gonna want to buy to go with this.
Easiest way is to post a pic here or email one to me

Originally Posted by Zman12 View Post
I will never road race and will only drag race a few times a year at the track. Is a rear bar even needed? Can I just install the front and be fine or will this throw the balance off and how will this effect traction for launching. Again more worried about just having nice street performance. Also will I need alignment kits for what I plan? I will also be installing your drop springs?
With the RWHP you are making you will want the new FE4 / ZL1 rear bar to match your adjustable 27mm front bar. Why? to more evenly distribute load on a hard launch. To bring better handling balance to your Camaro with the blower up front. I would wait on the lowering coils and install rear sub-frame bushes EP1201HD and EP6579 full face radius bush inserts along with you sway bars. Why? We want to plant the IRS assembly and eliminate rear end step out. The radius bush inserts will reduce unwanted dynamic caster changes. Add in a tight spec Pedders alignment and you won't believe the difference this makes every mile you drive. You'll fall in love with your 5th Gen like it was a new car.
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