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Bumleb's Camaro battery cable issue is almost Fixed, Issue Solved

Original thread stating problem with car --

First and foremost I want to THANK EVERYONE who responded with great ideas and suggestions. I'm so thankful to all that lended their experiences and wise knowledge. I joined this forum because I googled my car and found it on this website. Wild it was my car that brought me here. Also, I want those that thought I was kidding or lying to know that I simply posted what I did for information purposes. I hope that my experience could only be heard by others and maybe prevent or help someone else. I understand that this car is new and the first one in a long time, I know there will be bumps, this is why I wish to share and be shared with. Knowledge is power afterall. I will not pretend to know a lot about my car, for I am a girl... Just kidding. I have already learned so much from this website.

To all that said the Decepticons had a hand in it. I concur. That was absolutely my first thought.

So without further ado. We heard from the dealership, not but 3 hours after they opened and get this.... the battery cable that is routed from the trunk was routed near the starter and rubbed against it. The insulation wore through and the cable shorted out the starter causing a chain reaction, shutting the car down. They have not replaced the battery, and don't plan to. They are going to test it though. I sure do hope it's ok. I don't want to think about my battery being compromised. It's covered though, right? A new battery cable is reordered and should be installed Wednesday morning. They have also rerouted the cable. I should have my baby back Wednesday. I'm so so thankful.

So to all new camaro owners , hopefully my incident is isolated and I am one of few, rather one of one! But, if for any reason your new camaro should just shut down, check the battery cable near the starter.

Again, thank you all for the wonderful responses. I'm so grateful to have joined such a wonderful forum. Glad I became a member, wish I would have joined years ago, or whenever it was started. I will be sure to hold a photo session when I get my car back and I will post for all to see.

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