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Originally Posted by Bumleb View Post
I will ask for the old parts. Evidence right.... I asked the service advisor what the life of the battery should be. He said 4 years. So I said, if it goes bad in a year, it's covered, right. With this happening, speculations are that the life of the battery is compromised.
Personally, I would just go buy an Optima Redtop (or Yellowtop), take it to the dealership, and tell them to put it in.

I've had HORRIBLE experiences with GM's stock ACDelco batteries. They SUCK. They barely last 2 years out where I live. Not sure where you live but if you have cold winters or hot summers and know that you will be putting the car through some cold starts, I would just swap out that battery now.

The first mod I do to all of my GM vehicles is swap the battery. It will be the same with the camaro.
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