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Originally Posted by SUX2BU View Post
Yeah I had the same idea at first, then I figured I would be driving my car wayyyyyy too much to roll on DR all the time so I bought a second set of 18x11. Then I decided to get every last millisecond out of my car so I got some 18x4 skinnies. I should have known.

You can drive to the track fine on almost any tire. I swap to my track set up the morning of or even the day before and just roll out. I LOL at guys who drive to the track, swap to drag radials and the swap back to regular street tires to drive home. I could understand swapping to slicks at the track but DR, come on. Even on my really soft NT05Rs (and skinnies up front) I would still drive around a few days after the track just running errands cause I was too lazy to swap back.

Hell, on my DD 98 SS i used to have I would do the same thing except I had 28x10 15" MT slicks.

Cool. I can't wait to see how your car runs. We've been having a lot of track events down here and the weather's been real warm for this time of year. I think it got up close to 80 today.
I'm hoping to get a good track day before the winter's over. Down here its really hard to get a cool weekend day when the track is open for Test and Tune. It seems like whenever there's a good weather day, the track is having a big event and there's no test and tune.
But there's a couple days coming up in February. I just hope there's some decent weather.
Once March arrives it starts getting pretty warm (basically 80s everyday) in my area and the chance of running fast times is pretty much gone.

I think my car has a 12.0 @ 114 mph in it if the conditions are real good (temps in the 50s). But its really hard to get a day that cool when the track is open down here.

Good Luck
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