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Originally Posted by BeermanSS View Post
Had my balt since may 2005, its been through two years of buffalo winters and two years of phoenix heat, so far no problems with the stocker, still going strong and putting out good volts.
There's a difference between starting a 2.0L v4 Cobalt and a 8.1L Big Block V8 that sits in my avalanche. GM only drops a 600 CCA battery which is the same battery they use with the 5.3L V8's that are in 1500 Suburbans, tahoes, avy's, etc. I'm sure the stock battery's are fine when they have to turn over smaller engines.

Originally Posted by Teleplayer View Post
That's interesting - I've had great luck with Delco batteries and always use them as replacements. And I live in MA.
No such luck here. I had the same thing that happened to z06invb happen to me in my 02 suburban. Battery leaked acid, we saw new stains on the garage floor but didn't think anything of it. Dad goes to start the car one day to come home from work and nothing happens. Everything dies, power locks, etc. When we went to remove the battery, terminals fell out, acid went everywhere. F'd battery tray - had to get a new one. (luckily that's all it damaged) Dropped in an optima - car started better, maintained voltage better, lights were brighter, etc. Great purchase and the battery still runs strong to this day.
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